Productivity Tools

Every business uses documentation and reporting tools. Electronic and printed tools purchased “off-the-shelf” may work, but often contain content unrelated to your specific purpose. Business tools designed in-house are useful, but may not be as functional as desired. PDS Consulting creates custom forms and electronic reporting applications that allow you to track and share your business information.

Some of the forms and reporting tools we create include:

  • Electronic data tracking and reporting applications,
  • Electronic business reporting forms and multimedia portfolios,
  • Dynamic office forms,
  • Organizational climate and customer surveys,
  • Benchmarking and workflow process charting.


Employee turnover, sales, and service utilization rates are often used to measure organizational performance, problem areas, and goal progress. Broad indicators are quick and easy to reference; however, they often do not provide information about the many factors that influence them. We can research your key business indicators to help you more accurately assess your workflow performance, industry trends, market demographics, and employee satisfaction.

The types of organizational research we conduct are:

  • Industry & Field
  • Organizational Climate (Employee & Client Satisfaction)
  • Market Analysis
  • Organizational Workflow Designs
  • Job Analysis