Conflict Negotiation

Interpersonal conflict is a common characteristic of all organizations and workgroups. Workplace conflict can be disruptive, lower employee morale, and decrease productivity. Although conflict can never be completely eliminated, it can be minimized through effective response and negotiation strategies. The benefits of conflict can be recognized through increased problem solving and creativity. This training program teaches people how to effectively negotiate and reduce interpersonal conflict. Participants learn to identify their own conflict style, how to recognize uncooperative non-verbal communication signals, and how to deescalate volatile interpersonal situations by using proven conflict resolution techniques. Participants learn and practice conflict resolution skills designed to increase their ability to solve interpersonal problems and build positive working relationships. This session is appropriate for individuals wanting to learn how to minimize and positively deal with interpersonal conflict.

Learn techniques used to identify and minimize interpersonal conflict so people can perform their work with the least amount of disruption.

While all services are customized to meet the needs of each client, typical conflict negotiation sessions include the following topics:

  • Causes & Elements of Conflict,
  • Form, Functions, & Use of Aggressive Struggle Tactics,
  • Verbal Negotiation Techniques,
  • Understanding and Using Non-Verbal Communication,
  • Effective Negotiation Techniques.