Professional Leadership & Followership

A group of people can achieve far more than individuals working alone. An important component professional improvement is understanding that leadership and followership are interchangeable roles played by all organizational members. Leaders provide direction of group efforts and followers carry-out specific job tasks aimed towards achieving a common goal. Leading effectively means not only understanding the importance of job tasks and project goals; it also means acknowledging the balance of power that exists between leaders and followers and understanding that followership makes leadership possible. This training program defines various leadership and followership roles, characteristics, and communicates common decision-making approaches according to your specific business industry. The material emphasizes interpersonal factors that should be considered when making decisions about whether to assign, or assume, specific organizational projects.

Learn how leadership and followership skills are the foundation of professional development and how they significantly increase potential for a more productive workplace.

While all services are customized to meet the needs of each client, typical leadership and followership sessions include the following topics:

  • Leadership & Followership Models,
  • Leader & Follower Stereotypes,
  • Followership Characteristics & Roles,
  • Identifying Individual Interests, Strengths & Weaknesses,
  • Organizational Decision Making Approaches,
  • Leader/Follower Organizational Styles.