Project Management

Project management is a lot like a balancing act. It involves understanding individual project stages, work tasks, and the order that each must occur. A project manager directs work efforts and coordinates the delivery of project tasks to meet a predetermined goal. This training program enhances knowledge and skills used for effectively managing projects on time, within budget, and with less stress. Participants will learn project management methods, individual project components, project manager competencies, and strategies required for effective project implementation.

Project management is more than focusing on project goals and budgets. Effective project management means communicating project details, determining training needs, using problem solving techniques, and information/data management tools.

While all services are customized to meet the needs of each client and organization, typical project management sessions include the following topics:

  • Project Management Models,
  • Project Stages,
  • Project Management Methods, Techniques, Skills,
  • Project Manager Competencies,
  • Project Management Tools & Organization Methods.