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Human Resources & Organizational Development Consulting

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Human Resources Development

Everyone knows people are at the core of any organization. PDS Consulting provides employee policy manuals, workplace legal compliance training, personnel selection & job performance appraisal systems.

PDS Consulting can help you assess your employee or organizational performance using effective data assessment techniques and helping you implement cultural change strategies.

Effective Job Training Programs

From new employees to seasoned managers, PDS Consulting develops job training programs based on your organizational needs. Training programs increase job knowledge, operational efficiency, provide performance benchmarks for performance. By investing in training programs, you can get new people up to speed quickly, reduce turnover, and decrease supervision requirements.

Legal Compliance

 Employee compliance programs help decrease organizational risk and costly legal expense caused by irresponsible, or illegal, employee workplace behavior and/or human resource practices. PDS Consulting can teach you how employee documentation should be written and maintained, design compliance trainings that educate employees of employment laws and communicate your expectations and organizational standards for appropriate workplace conduct.

Custom Job Tools

Every business uses tools to accomplish its goals. PDS Consulting makes sure that your employees have the tools that help them work smarter. Job tools may include productivity & quality control systems, statistical analysis, electronic forms, and customer/client predictive models.